Your Vision for Our Tomorrow

Process & Schedule

Project Process

This PRMP is intended to serve as a comprehensive guide for the planning, acquisition, development and operations of parks, trails, park facilities and recreation programs throughout the City. The Plan will be conducted in a linear process, building upon previous work; beginning with an overview of the existing parks, analysis of public needs and priorities, formation of a long-range vision, and lastly, a strategic plan for implementation.

Linear diagram showing the four parts of the process that answer the questions, Where are we? Where do we want to be? How do we get there?: Part 1 – Learning – System Inventory and Analysis including project coordination, technical review, assessments and evaluations. Part 2 – Exploring – Needs & Priorities Assessment utilizing qualitative techniques, quantitative techniques, and needs and priorities summary. Part 3 – Envisioning – Long-Range Vision including the vision workshop, district-level operations and maintenance priorities, and a budget level cost estimate. Park 4 – Implementing – Implementation Framework including the implementation workshop, framework development, master plan development, and approval/adoption presentations. Public engagement is integrated into each step of the planning process.

To gain an accurate understanding of the City of Tampa’s Parks and Recreation System, as well as residents’ needs and priorities, the consultant team will utilize a triangulated approach with mixed methods for data analysis.

Triangle diagram showing multiple techniques utilized during the process for a triangulated comprehensive approach. Quantitative techniques include benchmarking, high-level life-style analysis, level of service analysis, and a statistically valid survey. Observational techniques include individual park evaluations, programming analysis, operations and maintenance analysis, and a population and demographic overview. Qualitative techniques include stakeholder interviews, focus groups, community workshops, special events, social media, websites and an online survey.

Project Schedule

The PRMP process is currently in the Public Engagement Phase to identify community needs and priorities, and begin building Your Vision, ultimately leading to recommendations and the implementation plan. The Final Master Plan will be developed and presented at a public open house before going to the City Council for adoption.

Tiered diagram showing the four parts of the process and when they will occur. The Learning phase will occur from September 2020 – February 2021. The Exploring Phase will occur from March 2021-August 2021. We are currently in this phase. The Envisioning Phase will occur from September 2021-November 2021, and the Implementing Phase will occur from November 2021 – March 2022.