Your Vision for Our Tomorrow

Project Overview

Project Purpose

The City of Tampa Parks and Recreation Master Plan (PRMP) is a long-range planning document intended to shape the direction, development, and delivery of the City’s parks and recreation facilities, programs, and services over the course of the next 10-15 years. This PRMP is the first such plan undertaken by the City of Tampa Parks and Recreation Department and will have a profound impact on the Tampa of tomorrow.

The purpose of this PRMP is to provide the opportunity to re-imagine the Vision and goals of the Parks and Recreation Department, to establish a shared set of your community needs and priorities. The Vision ultimately provides the foundation for a focused direction for the development and delivery of parks and recreation services. The shared community vision, Your Vision, advances the mission of the department, and responds to the changing needs and priorities of the community. Your Vision will help ensure that the City of Tampa is meeting the needs of residents today, while promoting a healthy, sustainable, and equitable park for the future.

Project Objectives

Provide a Great Parks and Recreation System

Great Parks and Recreation Systems provide quality facilities, and excellent programs and services.

Great Parks and Recreation Systems are transformational for the community they serve. Great Parks and Recreation contribute to health and wellness, conservation, social equity, economic development, smart growth, and sustainability and resilience. Great Parks and Recreation Systems are the frameworks for livable communities and contain:

  • Greenways and Trails
  • Blueways
  • Great Streets
  • Historic Sites
  • Conservation Lands
  • Waterfronts
  • Public Art
  • Great Parks!

Develop a Great Parks and Recreation Master Plan

Great Parks and Recreation Systems are built on strong planning efforts, a shared-community vision, and a bold, achievable implementation plan. This Master Plan is driven by community needs, wants and priorities. The plan should be visionary and aspirational, while providing clear implementation steps for the advancement of Your Vision.

The Plan should be conducted through a highly inclusive process that energizes staff and leadership and integrates seamlessly with other City initiatives. Because this Plan is bult on the communities needs and priorities, all aspects of the process should be unique to Tampa.

Integrate the PRMP Seamlessly with Other City Initiatives

The City of Tampa has a rich history of developing bold, visionary planning initiatives to help advance a high quality of life for its residents. Throughout development of the plan, we will review existing city initiatives surrounding transportation and stormwater, urban design, economic development, conservation, sustainability and resilience to establish long-term goals for the park that align and complement existing city priorities. We will utilize an integrated and collaborative approach to identify linkages and innovative options that focus on the unique needs of the parks, while simultaneously complementing the goals of multiple departments.